Jack Dollhausen.
An artist who makes interesting responsive electronic art where every component and wire serves a function.

A UK supplier of unusual, weird, retro and sometimes quite camp gadgets.
Some very fun lighting stuff!
My brothers whisky website.
A UK supplier of LED modules. Also sells my RGB controller modules made up if requested.
A Canadian company that produces kits for BEAM robots which are totally solar powered and will work in even the dullest UK weather.
Neon site.
Kenny Greenbergs neon site is the hub of neon sign activity on the Internet.
The Great Voltini.
The great Voltini puts electricity where you really oughtn't.
The Electrotherapy Museum.
Jeff Beharys online museum of vintage electrical medical apparatus.
Mikes Electric stuff.
A fellow electro-dude with a fixation for expensive high voltage breakable objects.
Lots and lots of dangerously powerful electrical, mechanical and chemical stuff in the "safe" hands of the unhealthily fearless Sam Barros.
Gilderfluke make a variety of specialist control systems for the theme and entertainment industries.
UK Video Arcade Collectors site.
Home of MAME, an incredible piece of free software that emulates all the integrated circuits and components used on the classic video arcade game PCB's.
By downloading the original ROM data for a particular game, you can play it on your computer EXACTLY as it played in the arcade, right down to having to coin-up.... You can even set the virtual dip-switches on the PCB.
Lots of information on repairing equipment.
Large link resource for technical information.
Don Klipsteins site.
An orgy of lighting information.
Doughty Engineering.
A manufacturer of rigging hardware for the entertainment industry.
Tesla Coil Builders of the UK.
The high voltage club.
Aldor Electronic Services.
A Las Vegas based manufacturer of sign animators.
HVFX build, hire out and operate large Tesla Coils throughout the UK.
kVA Effects.
kVA Effects build even bigger Tesla coils in America.